What is Peercoin | Howtos on Mining, Minting and Trading Peercoins

What is Peercoin

Peercoin is a decentralized crypto currency launched in 2012 making it one of the oldest and reliable crypto coin with instant payments to anyone across the Globe. Peercoin has no central authority and it uses peer to peer technology to manage network transactions. Its also called PPcoin with trading symbol PPC.

Peercoin is coded based on Bitcoin but its truly one of the alterative currencies to Bitcoin, It is the first crypto coin to introdue Proof-Of-Stake (POS). Peercoin money supply is determined by the following

Proof of Work mining (POW)(increases supply)

Number of transactions (decreases supply by 0.01 PPC per transaction)

Proof of Stake minting (increases supply at a rate up to 1% per year)

Peercoin Wallet – You can download the wallet from official Peercoin website, https://peercoin.net/wallet . Download the wallet and synchronize blockchain and get your wallet address.

Peercoin Mining Pool – Peercoin can be mined using Proof-of-Work (POW). It uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin which is SHA-256. You can mine the coins using any of the GPU or ASIC rigs. The reward for mining a block gradually declines as the computing power of the network grows. Over time, mining will have an ever-decreasing impact on the growth of the money supply.

Here are the steps to Mine Peercoin

1. Get you Wallet ready to take out your address

2. Select a Mining Pool from the below list




3. Sign up with the Mining Pool and follow the instructions before pointing your miners to kickstart mining. You can even select multicoin pools like https://www.coinotron.com/coinotron/ etc.

Step by Step Peercoin Mining Video –

Peercoin Calculator – You can find the profitability mining calculator using http://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/peercoin-mining-calculator

Where to Buy Peercoin

Peercoin Exchange – You can buy or sell your mined Peercoins at one of the Exchanges. Exchanges are the ones which facilitates to trade altcoins with Bitcoin or Dollars.

Guide on How to Buy and Sell Using an Exchange

Peercoin Minting (Peercoin Proof-of-Stake) – Once you have your coins either from an exchange or POW Mining, you can send them to your wallet and get interest. It doesn’t require any specific hardware as your computer is just enough to do Minting. Minting earns you 1% annually. Coins are first eligible to mint 30 days after they have been transferred, and after 90 days, their chance of success is maximized. If you mint more often, your earnings will compound!

Step by Step Video guide on Peercoin Minting

OKCash – A Proof of Stake Altcoin For The Future Of Social Payments

What is OKCash Coin?

OKCash coin

OKCash rebranded from Pimpcash is a newly launched crypto coin to meet the digital currency needs. The coin is launced in November, 2014 with a solid development and marketing promotions. Initially, the coin was available for POW (Proof of Work) ming and it lasted for 15 days. Now the coin is a pure POS (Proof of Stake) making it more energy friendly and long term sustainable currency.

OKCash technology is a new form of money that is digital and can be connected directly between users without the need of bank accounts or it can be traded for physical money. Digital cash is considered as one of the best social payments options for the future, whether for use in regular retail setting or to take part in electronic business over the web or it can be used in the development of sharing economies.

Bitcoin is one of the first digital monetary forms that can be used on the web and is not managed by a central bank and has its own made-up principles. Bitcoin is recognized as the best known digital currency that depends on computer networks to resolve complicated encryption algorithms, in order to verify and record the details of every transaction made.

Similar to Bitcoin, OKCash is new cryptocurrency that was introduced in November 2014. Since the beginning OK has revealed a unique interest among the users and aims to make the coin widely available and user friendly for the community. OKCash has started a new propensity in the cryptocurrency world, by infusing a positive vibe into its design and code and empowering the users.

OKCash has been referred to as “The future for Social Payments” and it has one of the most powerful social presences in the cryptocurrency environment. An unparalleled level of security is possible with OKCash. It is made to authorize and allow its users to have complete control over their money. By using this cryptocurrency, secure payments are possible without slow and expensive middlemen. An OKCash transaction can be more cost-effective than its alternatives and be finished in a shorter time.

OKCash OK is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls OKCash and everyone can take part.

About The Technology:

OKCash is a new cryptocurrency that uses Proof of Stake technology which means there is no need for special equipment or high energy bills to pay as it happens with most cryptocurrencies, thus making OKCash long term sustainable and energy friendly. For more information visit http://okcash.co/

Specifications –

Algorithm – Scrypt

Ticker – OK

Max Coin Cap – 105,000,000

Mining – POW ended and Pure POS now

POS rewards – 69% 1st year, 20% 2nd year, 10% 3rd year and 6% from 4th year onwards

POS min stake – 8 hrs

POS max stake – unlimited

Website – http://okcash.co/

Wallet Download

Sourece Files – https://github.com/okcashpro/okcash


Twitter – https://twitter.com/OKCashCrypto

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OKCashCrypto

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/OKcash

Community – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1028368.0





What is Komodo (KMD) – An Anonymous, secure dPoW implementation based on ZCash

What is Komodo(KMD) Crypto Currency?

Komodo Coins

Komodo(KMD) aims to be anonymous crypto currency protected by ZCash’s zero knowledge privacy is being considered as BTCD(BitcoinDark) version 2.0.

Bitcoin Dark, which had a fundamental function in SuperNET is being replaced by Komodo as told by the Developer.

KMD is currently in ICO phase and interested participants can buy Komodo using Bitcoin (BTC) until the ICO ends or swap using Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) with in a years time.

What is Komodo trying to achieve?

First goal is to achieve Zeroknowledge transactions. Komodo is working on the same execution as Zcash to achieve the first aim. When it’s executed, it’d be possible to release anonymous trades (unknown sender, receiver, and quantity) on the blockchain. It’s using zcash’s zk-SNARK as the method by which miners assess for double-spending. Like Zcash, Komodo offers anonymous trades.

The second goal is created with assistance from a fresh consensus process called delayed proof of work(dPoW). Create a consensus mechanism that derives its security from the Bitcoin blockchain’s pentahash computational power.

What is Delayed Verification of Work (dPoW)

Komodo uses a fresh consensus mechanism called Delayed Verification of Work (dPoW). Unlike other cryptocurrency consensus mechanics, dPoW needs a standalone blockchain which is fixed in its own right (using an unique proof-of-work or proof-of-position consensus mechanics), and then a dPoW blockchain that’s subsequently procured via the PoW blockchain (Bitcoin).

It’s presumed the security properties of the consensus mechanics of the blockchain embracing dPoW are not significantly stronger than Bitcoin’s PoW. But since the new blockchain is finally being procured via the hash power of Bitcoin, the first consensus mechanics can be strong. Additionally, there could be the various consensus apparatus like PoW, PoS, hybrid schemes, etc.

Komodo is using a system much the same to Bitshares in regards to determining who should function as nodes that are notary. Instead of Bitshares’ 101 delegates, 64 Notary Nodes are proposed by Komodo. The stakeholders in a voting mechanism not elect the Notary nodes. Although this works good in practice, in theory we’ve seen the typical troubles with voter apathy and a lot of tokens being held by exchanges.

How to Buy Komodo ICO Shares

You can buy ICO shares from ico.komodoplatform.com until 20th of November 2016 and purchasing KMD coins during this period entitles with an additional bonus that varies from week to week.

Once the ICO ends, its for the BTCD holders can swap their holdings if they want or continue with BTCD as the developer has stated his support for an year. More details of the swap will be published once the initial ICO gets ended.

You may get more details on komodo at komodoplatform.com


Assetchains that allow anyone to create their own asset with its own blockchain

Multiwallets where those assets can be kept, including many coins like Bitcoin and Komodo

Atomic swaps, to ensure individuals can trade their coins without counterparty dangers in the multiwallet

Pegged assets – which are a sort of cost-secure advantages created – by attaching themselves to the value of secure currencies like EUR or USD these assets solve the problem of price volatility.

Pictorial Representation

Below is a picture details about dPoW implementation. The main difference is two blockchains 1. Komodo(dPoW) Blockchain 2. Bitcoin Blockchain and also there are two types of nodes respectively called as 1) Notary Nodes 2)Normal Nodes and point 1, the notary nodes are elected by the representatives of the commmunity but the normal nodes can be run by anyone.

Komodo dPoW

FLY Coin – New Crypto Currency and a swap for ROS coin

FLY coin – Digital Crypto Currency replacing ROS coin

FLY coin came into existence to set high standards in crypto world, to give better visibility for the coin by providing nice features to sustain long term which were not accomplished by earlier ROS coin.

Specifications –

Ticker – FLY

Algorithm – X13

POW/POS – POW ended and its pure POS now

POW reward – 0.5

POS min stake age – 7 days

POS % annual – 50%

Max Coin Supply – 150000

Superblock and Masternodes

To run superblock you need 25000 FLY

Superblock rewards –

5% chance of superblock reward of 1

3% chance of superblock 3

1% chance of superblock 5

.05% chance of superblock 10

Explorer – http://fly.dnsalias.com/

Forum – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1154550.0

Exchanges – Yobit.net

Wallets –

Windows – http://www.bitcoinlasvegas.net/files/FlyCoin-qt-64bit.rar

Linux – https://github.com/Fly-coin/Fly-coin

Mac OS – Soon

Pools – POW Ended

Source Files – https://github.com/Fly-coin/Fly-coin

How to Swap

– All the existing holders of ROS coin can exchange their ROS to FLY before 16th September 2015. You can swap the coins by sending your ROS address and FLY address at the bitcointalk forum through PM as the developer.


There are special rewards created for small holders to receive superblock rewards but need to strictly follow the following rules:

You are allowed ONLY 1 “main wallet” address.

You are NOT allowed to EVER make ANY outbound transactions from that main wallet address

You are also allowed only 1 “savings” address.

IF you want to sell some of your fly, you must setup a “savings” wallet (formally called multisend) as a secondary wallet.

All of your POS rewards will automatically be sent there and you are welcome to sell them ONLY on the sell side

Diamond – An alternative POW/POS Crypto Currency with Masternodes

Diamond Coin – A digital currency with a difference

Diamond coin


Algorithm – Groestl

Ticker – DMD

Blockreward – 0.2 DMD

Mining – POW and POS

POS Interest Rate – 50% annual

Total Coins – 4.38 Million

Diamond (DMD) is a crypto currency that allows people to send cash (coins) anywhere in the world instantly, securely and negligible cost.Unlike many Alt coins out there, Diamond coin is not premined nor instamined. It started with scrypt and changed to Groestl algorithm which is ASIC resistant and more power efficient solution which means regular miners would get rewards at low power consumption.

As its a Proof of work and Proof of Stake option, miners can continue to mine and generate new coins and coin holders will still get fifty percentage stake reward per annum just for holding the coins at their wallets.

DMD Cloud Mining – DMD Foundation offers cloud mining solution for people who don’t have hardware to mine the coin. You can buy cloud mining shares at https://cloudmining.bit.diamonds/ and get mining dividents daily.

How to Buy Mining Shares

Register at DMD cloudmining website as mentioned above

Activate the Convert to shares option in Settings area

Send BTC to your BTC address mentioned at Settings and Your BTC will be converted into Cloud Mining Shares.