FLY Coin – New Crypto Currency and a swap for ROS coin

FLY coin – Digital Crypto Currency replacing ROS coin

FLY coin came into existence to set high standards in crypto world, to give better visibility for the coin by providing nice features to sustain long term which were not accomplished by earlier ROS coin.

Specifications –

Ticker – FLY

Algorithm – X13

POW/POS – POW ended and its pure POS now

POW reward – 0.5

POS min stake age – 7 days

POS % annual – 50%

Max Coin Supply – 150000

Superblock and Masternodes

To run superblock you need 25000 FLY

Superblock rewards –

5% chance of superblock reward of 1

3% chance of superblock 3

1% chance of superblock 5

.05% chance of superblock 10

Explorer –

Forum –

Exchanges –

Wallets –

Windows –

Linux –

Mac OS – Soon

Pools – POW Ended

Source Files –

How to Swap

– All the existing holders of ROS coin can exchange their ROS to FLY before 16th September 2015. You can swap the coins by sending your ROS address and FLY address at the bitcointalk forum through PM as the developer.


There are special rewards created for small holders to receive superblock rewards but need to strictly follow the following rules:

You are allowed ONLY 1 “main wallet” address.

You are NOT allowed to EVER make ANY outbound transactions from that main wallet address

You are also allowed only 1 “savings” address.

IF you want to sell some of your fly, you must setup a “savings” wallet (formally called multisend) as a secondary wallet.

All of your POS rewards will automatically be sent there and you are welcome to sell them ONLY on the sell side