Diamond – An alternative POW/POS Crypto Currency with Masternodes

Diamond Coin – A digital currency with a difference

Diamond coin


Algorithm – Groestl

Ticker – DMD

Blockreward – 0.2 DMD

Mining – POW and POS

POS Interest Rate – 50% annual

Total Coins – 4.38 Million

Diamond (DMD) is a crypto currency that allows people to send cash (coins) anywhere in the world instantly, securely and negligible cost.Unlike many Alt coins out there, Diamond coin is not premined nor instamined. It started with scrypt and changed to Groestl algorithm which is ASIC resistant and more power efficient solution which means regular miners would get rewards at low power consumption.

As its a Proof of work and Proof of Stake option, miners can continue to mine and generate new coins and coin holders will still get fifty percentage stake reward per annum just for holding the coins at their wallets.

DMD Cloud Mining – DMD Foundation offers cloud mining solution for people who don’t have hardware to mine the coin. You can buy cloud mining shares at https://cloudmining.bit.diamonds/ and get mining dividents daily.

How to Buy Mining Shares

Register at DMD cloudmining website as mentioned above

Activate the Convert to shares option in Settings area

Send BTC to your BTC address mentioned at Settings and Your BTC will be converted into Cloud Mining Shares.