Cryptopia – A one stop altcoin shop – an altcoin exchange, pool, block explorer, market place for all crypto coins

Cryptopia – An all in one shop for crypto users – Exchange, Mineshaft, Market place, Explorers, Forums etc

Cryptopia formerly known as TripleHexxx Industries. Though it started with pool mining, later expaned its branches into all sort of crypto needs. You can mine, exchange, market and what not everthing is available at a single place.

DOT coin (Formerly KimDotCoin) – Cryptopia has its own coin, namely DOT, a scrypt based algo and all the purchasing at cryptopia happens using this coin. Currently it’s priced at 20 satoshis.

Exchange – Cryptopia is a heaven for all the crypto coins because once a coin gets listed it never gets delisted unlike other exchanges where there is a stipulated volume is required for successful running of the coin. Only time when a coin might get delisted is when there are problems with coin development without being addressed.

Mineshaft – Cryptopia has a Large pool for all the coins listed where you can send your hash power and mine coins which includes sha256, scrypt, x11, x13, x15, Quark, Groestl, Neoscrypt, Qubit, Scrypt-n etc. All mined coins gets processed when the required confirmations done from blockchain and gets credited to the respective wallet.

Explorers – Cryptopia hold blockchains for majority of the coins and you can find the transactions of all those coins listed here.

MarketPlace – One of the best features that cryptopia offers, wherein you can sell your goods for crypto coins and its a new feature which is not available anywhere in crypto exchanges.